The Umbrella’s community of artists — including 50 artists who rent studios in our building — adds tremendous vitality and inspiration and helps make our Center for the Arts a lively hub of diverse artistic activity. Our artists and tenants include painters, sculptors, photographers, print makers, potters, wood workers and poets, as well as two non-profit organizations, the Concord Poetry Center and the Nature Connection.

The Umbrella’s artists support and strengthen the arts in our community in countless ways. For example they:

  • Bring great talent, creativity, and energy to The Umbrella and our community
  • Teach art classes and workshops
  • Mentor students and other developing artists
  • Exhibit their art in shows at The Umbrella and other galleries around the world
  • Help organize exhibitions featuring the works of other artists
  • Open their studios to the public two weekends a year so members of the community can visit, tour, and purchase various types of art directly from the person who created it
  • Help The Umbrella’s performing arts series design and build sets, create props, and paint scenes
  • Collaborate with, support, and inspire each other
  • Participate in community service projects and help with fundraising events
  • Network with other artists and arts organizations locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Help with maintenance and upkeep of the building and outdoor areas


Click on highlighted names to visit the artist’s web site.

Painter Kayo shows art to Winter Market patrons
Woven work by weaver Barbara Willis
Artist Max Payne talks to patrons at Emerson Umbrella's Winter Market
Concord Poetry Center Non-profit organization


Artist Specialties Studio
Lois Andersen Painter 117
Nancy Arkuss Ceramic Artist 108
Susan Armstrong Painter 208
Louise Arnold Painter 322
Louise Berliner Fiber Artist 209
Kate Bird Painter 307
Tracie Bull 114
Kayo Burmon Painter, Printmaker 315
Liza Carter Painter 208
Pierre Chiha Photographer 211
Christopher Jane Corkery Poet 311
Pat Lindfors Cote Printmaker 128
Bill Davison 115
Annie Downes Catterson Woodcuts 306
Madeleine Evans Painter, Sculptor 205
Tina Forbes Ceramic Artist 101
Sue Galeros Painter, Drawer, Mixed Media 114
Lynn Avery Gargill Painter 309
Wayne Geehan Illustrator 216
Mary Ann Gore Painter 121
Terry Goss Ceramic Artist 105
Sing Hanson Digital Print Artist 320
Lonnie Harvey Printmaker 128
Suzanne Hill Ceramic Artist 106
Cynthia Katz Photographer, Book Artist 314
Carol Krauss Photographer 115
Jean Lightman Painter 312
Janet Lovejoy 212
Deborah Loverd Illustrator 316
Artist Specialties Studio
Gregory Maguire Writer 215
Twinkle Manning Interdisciplinary 211
Caitlyn Marsh Ceramic Artist 105
Susanne Meterko Painter 305
Julia Miner Painter, Illustrator, Architect 202
The Nature Connection Non-profit organization 122
Andy Newman Painter 215
Carole Parrish Painter, Pastel Artist 219
Priscilla Parrott Painter, Designer 212
Max Payne Mixed Media Artist 117
Marie Louise Bodman Petrie Painter 318
Ilse Plume Illustrator 302
Mary Pope Painter 307
Marijane Raymond Educator 213
Deborah Richardson Jewelry Designer, Metalsmith 113
Nancy Roberts Photographer 319
Margaret Savage Painter 304
Jon Schmalenberger Furniture Maker 126
Lesia Shaw Painter 321
Jonathan Smith Painter 308
Mimsey Stromeyer Painter, Mixed Media Artist 306
Mark Sutherland Ship Model Builder 127
Susan Ticknor Painter 303
Joseph Tratnyek Painter 310
Margaret Wailes Painter 210
Martha Walker Painter, Illustrator 301
Jerry Wedge Architect 317
Barbara Willis Fiber Artist 203
Suzanne Winsby Painter 120
Carol Zell Potter 109