The Umbrella has many rooms available for rental, including the 435-seat Theater, the Dance Studio, the Art Room, the Musketaquid Studio, and Downstage. The Dance Studio has a hardwood floor, a mirrored wall, and barred on three sides. Downstage is a multi-use room with a projector and a 7 x 10 foot screen for film viewing, but it also has platform stages and can be used as a small black box theater. Both the Musketaquid and Art rooms have running water, access to easels and more. To learn more about renting the Theater, please click here.


To reserve a room online, please click here. To download a PDF of the Rental Reservation Form, click here.


The Umbrella Center for the Arts Rental Reservation Procedures and Deadlines (effective January 9, 2008)

  • All requests for space reservations must be made in writing using the form available on The Umbrella web site (or by calling the office to request a form). All verbal request reservations will be held no longer than 72 hours.
  • Reservations by the general public will be taken beginning on February 28th for the theater and April 1st for other rooms for use during the following fiscal year, (July 1st through June 30th) and will be considered on a rolling, space-available basis.
  • Requests by designated Affiliated Organizations for priority scheduling will be accepted through February 15th for the theater and March 15th for other rooms. Reservation requests received from Affiliated Organizations after these dates will be treated on the same basis as requests from the general public. (Designation of Affiliated Organization status is at the discretion of The Umbrella.)
  • In-house reservations will be in place no later than January 31st of each year for the following fiscal year. “In-house” means The Umbrella Center for the Arts and its programs, including Musketaquid, Winter Market, and Open Studios.
  • In its Master Lease to The Umbrella, the Town of Concord reserves certain rights as owner of the building. This document is available for inspection upon request in The Umbrella office.
  • All other past and prospective renters are included in the “General Public.”

Dates will not be considered reserved until the Reservation Request Form has been signed by an authorized representative of The Umbrella. Reserved dates will be held for a period of time specified on the form, pending preparation of appropriate contract documents. Only upon execution of the contract and receipt of your deposit, if required, will the reservation be confirmed.

To download a PDF of our Rental Reservation Policy, click here.

musical show in theater at Emerson Umbrella
dance class at Emerson Umbrella
the Producers performed at Emerson Umbrella
glass maker at Emerson Umbrella's Winter Market