Musketaquid Arts & Environment promotes a discovery of the arts, a passion for place and nature, and environmental responsibility. Through an integrated program of celebrations, education classes, and public art activities, we provide opportunities to create and experience art and to explore, learn about, celebrate and care for the local environment.
The name Musketaquid honors the wisdom of Concord’s first people who described this place according to its nature, “the place where the waters flows through the grasses.” All ages and abilities are welcome: individuals and families, environmental, school and community groups.


Musketaquid 1990-2014
For twenty-four years, Musketaquid has facilitated community art and outdoor
exploration. We hope that this year’s Earth Day theme, Life on the Edge, inspires reflection, a heightened awareness of the intersection of habitats, also known as ecotones, liminal zones, transitional zones. These areas of intersection are often chaotic and have much conflict. But they are also dynamic areas of great beauty and change.
This year we encourage individuals and groups to adopt a conservation area and to join us in creating public art. We’re offering more classes to get outside and make fairy houses, take pictures on a guided nature walk, tell stories of your adventures outside. We’re also offering more classes in our studio to foster both artistic and outdoor skills.





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