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All We Need is Your Love and Support!

We thank you immensely for lending out a hand to us so that we can bring you the best pieces of information from the worlds of arts and education. We value these faculties and we strive to bring about a certain level of heightened awareness among the people who patronize us.

As a fully-functional blog, whole-heartedly dedicated to kick-start a revolution within the worlds of arts and education, we at Emerson Umbrella ensure that your donation toward the cause we aim to promote is utilized for the upbringing and elevations of societies that promote these faculties, and hence, the pieces of news we bring to you.

In a world where there is a rat race continually taking place among the multitudes of competitors and different products, we humble ourselves to live out our mission of “Spreading the Word”. We bring this word to all who feel privileged to be a part of a movement so motivating that it them to want to bring in the change themselves.

Education and the pursuit of the arts are crucial aspects all over the world. There are countries lacking these basic essentials, and with such shortcomings, there is a dire lack of facilities or even awareness that will enable the necessary support to reach them. Through our blog, we aim at bridging these gaps not only at a national level, but taking the plunge into expanding throughout our international borders, and your contribution toward this cause will enable us to gather all that we need to break into the realms of humanity and civility.

Your contributions can come to us through our blog page or you can get in touch with us for the various other modes through which you can participate in building up a portal that connects the idea of promoting goodwill to all those who need them.

We thank you very much for lending a listening hear and we hope to hear from you soon!