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How to find local painting workshops close to you?

Finding local painting workshops is usually a big challenge for many people. In fact, prospective individuals spend lots of time and effort trying to identify a workshop that will suit their needs. Although there are many workshops that are held regularly, not all will be ideal for your needs. For instance, a person seeking to learn the art will find highly-experienced professionals a bit too detailed. An individual interested in oil painting on canvas may not benefit much from a workshop that showcases mosaic or collage. To avoid choosing the wrong forum or not getting the right knowledge and skills, it pays to research and compare different workshops. The following are some of the resources that will help you find local painting resources near you:

1. AnnieSloan.Com


Ann Sloan is among the respected and experienced prolific color and paint experts. Through her website, she passes her knowledge which she has gained over many decades. Sloan teaches and showcases different styles and techniques which include use of black or white chalk, painting on fabric using chalk paint, floral painting, culture-inspired artworks, color blocking using fabric and paint and much more. You will also find a range of accessories which consist of brushes, books, fabrics, stencils and more. If you are looking for the next workshop or one that will be held near you, all you need is visiting her website and doing a search. Fill in your location, the approximate distance and zip code and you will be provided with details of all workshops that are taking/ will be taking place within your locality. Attending the workshops helps you gain more confident and more professional, develop your very own personal style, become more fluent in choosing color and expressing yourself.

2. Painting with a Twist


Painting with a Twist is among the premier resources that showcase painting workshops near you. It is run by experienced and enthusiastic painters and artists who seek to pass knowledge to both inexperienced and seasoned professionals. The website contains several portals one of which is specifically targeted at upcoming events or workshops. Simply type in your search term “workshop” and you will be provided with details about any workshops near you. also allows you to invite other people to the events. The resource invites experienced local artists who teach experienced and enthusiastic artists during the gathering. They also host private parties that showcase a wide range of artistic works from local painters. And to add value and excitement to the event, Painting with a Twist also serves tea and snacks during the workshop. In addition to hosting and notifying you of any workshop within your locality, Painting with a twist also incorporates paintings in birthdays, bachelorette parties, team building events and currently boosts of more than 5000 paintings.

3. Groupon.Com


Finding painting workshops near you are as easy as visiting The resource displays different workshops that are taking place and also sells different painting accessories. After visiting the site, you will look through their latest offers and events and identify one that is closest to you. Alternatively, you simply type the term “Painting Workshops” and will be provided with more details. The workshops are categorized based on the location e.g. Chicago, New York, Washington or the art technique for instance mosaic, collage, oil on canvas, white or black chalk and more. Currently there are several workshops running in Chicago in locations such as Berwyn, Cicero, Darien, Forest Park, Oak Park and more. There is also a discount of up to 61% that is being offered on Mosaic Workshop in North Center, 57% off on painting class at Color Cocktail Factory, and 39% discount on Arts n Spirits workshop in Buck town.

There is more to finding the right workshop for painting. You need to identify the right forum that suits your needs at hand. For instance, are you interested in painting on canvas using oil paints, creating mosaic or collage artwork? It is also crucial to learn the art from an experienced tutor who has been in this field for many years. Besides showcasing the latest techniques and products, the right workshop will also display different accessories. The trainers will use simple methods such as step-by-step approach which can be understood by both seasoned and inexperienced individuals. At the end of the day you gain knowledge and also are offered quality products that will help improve your skills. Furthermore, the ideal local painting workshops assure you of maximum satisfaction.

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