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6 Tips On How To Make Money As A Professional Artist

There is nothing as satisfactory, as doing what one loves and earning money from it. Artists are ideally persons with passion and talent in the field of art, and include painters, musicians, and actors, poets. Many artists, however. are oblivious of the fact that they can earn a living using their art works, while those that charge for their artwork, do not earn as much as their work is worth. Here are a few tips tips to making money as a professional artist.

1. Create Exemplary Work Only!


The first tip to making money as an artist is to create work that is not only original but also distinct. What distinguishes a professional piece of work from a mediocre one is the ability to create something that is unique. People may have seen and heard certain things but the ability to turn such things into a drawing, a sculpture, a poem or even a song is what makes the difference.

In addition, as a professional artist, you must be able to create as much work as you can and most of all, keep tabs of the trends in customer demand. However, as it is correctly said, creating exceptionally good work, and having that fiery passion is only half the effort, the other half lies in the ability to sell the work and make the most of sales.

2. Showcase In Exhibitions!


A good place to start in taking your artwork out there is to look out for art exhibition events. Art exhibitions are periodical in a certain town and therefore may not be the best way to make money. However, as a professional artist, look out for exhibition events in other locations; it does no harm to also attend international exhibitions.

3. Have Online Presence!


Every professional artist must explore the world of web sales. Here, you have several options. One of the viable options is to use or create a Facebook page where you will be exhibiting your works. To start with, send all your friends’ requests to like your Facebook page and urge them to invite their friends to like the page too. If it is a new Facebook account, start with making as many friends as you can on Facebook and send them requests to like the page. Another online option is to create a business website. This can be easily designed by a web designer or alternatively, create the website yourself using applications such as WordPress. A golden rule in making more sales from your website is to create a professional portfolio. Online sales have several advantages that include reaching a wide customer base. Moreover, it is a cheap means of advertising.

4. Open A Gallery!


This tip applies best to painters and artists who make sculptures and drawings. The rule is to treat the gallery like a business. Opening up a gallery by oneself may however be expensive to afford however, there is the option of a co-op gallery. A co-op gallery allows a group of artists to come together and jointly hire a space where they ca display their artwork.

Alternatively, an artist may give out his or her for exhibition in a commercial gallery. Commercial galleries normally sell art work in a commission basis. In selecting a commercial gallery to sell one’s work, check for a reputable gallery and one with favorable commission asking. Furthermore, a professional artist may wok in a commission basis for a certain gallery or the public art commissions.

5. Apply For Grants And Residencies!


Artist grants are one of the best ways a professional assistance can access financial assistance for purposes such as music production or renting studio space. Although the application process may be complex, competitive and rigorous, the benefits are worth trying it. Grants may be privately funded by Non- government organizations or publicly funded by the state government.

Residencies on the other hand provide free workspace for an artists by providing the ideal environment for an artist to work in. Certain residencies are only open to artists in a certain art specialty while others are large enough to have space for virtually every kind of an artist. A valuable tip here is to customize your idea to match the requirements of the organization or government department you make the application.

6. Get Into Teaching Jobs!


Going to teaching is yet another way to make good money as a professional artist. You may choose to do teaching on part time or full time basis. If you decide to go into full time teaching, you run the risk of lacking enough time to create your work. More so, go into teaching if you have the passion for it.


Finally, every professional artist must ensure to get legal protection of his or her work. This includes registering for patents, copyrights and trademarks. Patenting a drawing for instance ensures that no one can copy or still your work without your permission and if anyone does so, they become liable to a fine and even jail term. Most of all create a network with fellow artists and booksellers: you don’t know which connection can you lead you to mind blowingly awesome opportunities!


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4 Art Exhibitions in the State of Michigan that you can’t miss!

There are many fine art galleries in Michigan. They feature contemporary and traditional arts, sculptures in glass, basic sculptures using other mediums, prints, photographic art, and all other types of visual arts. The choices are varied and the places to visit would depend entirely on your specific interests and needs. Among them, are four art galleries that you can’t afford to miss, to wit:

#1.  4731 Gallery at 4731 West Grand River Avenue, Detroit, Michigan

The art community in Detroit is growing at a phenomenal rate these past years. These are due in part to affordable housing and studio spaces, an endless number of cultural events, and increasing opportunities for artists to earn a living in a tight-knit community of artists. Detroit’s reputation as an art hub is further boosted by the presence of the College of Creative Studies (CCS) which is in the middle of the creative community in the midtown area.

The 4731 Gallery opened its doors in 2000, with Ric Geyer at the helm. Mr. Geyer, is an urban revivalist, owning several businesses – a metal shop, wood shop, and a number of art studios in the area. The gallery’s reputation was catapulted when it created an award-winning gallery within its site and hired a top-notch management team to oversee its operations. It was also awarded by the city governor for its help in developing the west end section of Detroit’s Woodbridge area; and named, as the Best Arts Building by the Detroit Free Press. Over the years, it has served more than 300 artists in over 250 events. To date, the 4731 Gallery is a premier co-working art space in the Detroit area.

#2.  Art Leaders Gallery at 33086 Northwestern Highway, West Bloomfield, Michigan

The Art Leaders Gallery is considered as one of Michigan’s Finest Art Gallery. Its collection is a vast treasure of artworks ranging from contemporary to traditional. It is a leading art dealer in Michigan, being a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. The gallery’s vast collections include – original and limited edition artworks and paintings, sculptures, art glasses, home interior pieces and unique gift items. Its services include in-house custom framing for their clientele.

The art gallery has been in existence for the past 25 years and is owned by art experts, Bonnie and Jason Mansour. It has represented a vast array of international talents, as well as local artists from Michigan. They are known to have booked emerging new artists and have traveled worldwide – searching for exceptional artworks to showcased. In addition, the Art Leaders Gallery is in the forefront of looking for artists in need of representation. These would include both established and emerging new talents who are seeking for an outlet to showcased their works. The gallery accepts submissions of all works of art – in all medium, and in varying styles and sizes.

#3.  16 Hands Gallery at 407 N. 5th Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The 16 Hands Gallery has just been voted as the Best Place to Buy Art in the Washtenaw County. It began propitiously when a group of eight artists bonded together in 1978 to form the 16 Hands Gallery. It operated as a cooperative for more than a decade, by exhibiting the artworks of its members in a gallery on Washington Street at Ann Arbor. Jill Damon joined the group in 1978 and became its sole owner 10 years after. The gallery moved to Main Street in 1990 and to the Kerrytown Market and Shops in 2011.

The gallery has been known to represent new talents as well as internationally known artist from the United States, Canada, Europe, and a number of Fair Trade Organizations. The art pieces are varied, consisting of fine crafted jewelry and accessories, iconic gift pieces, and home/office and garden decors. The gallery carries functional items that are decorative and aesthetically pleasing, as well. Many creative pieces are made from reclaimed materials that are incorporated into new materials, thus creating a true work of art. It is a reflection of the corporate thrust of the gallery for environmental preservation. Correspondingly, the new artwork makes for an interesting conversation piece that will truly delight its eventual owner.

#4.  Gallery 154 at 1456 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Grand Rapid is a bulwark of the art scene, where you find a mix of eclectic specialty stores, art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and other diverse businesses.`It’s one of the happiest place in Michigan, where you find friendly people everywhere that give it its unique character.

Gallery 154 has been in business for about 40 years and has the best selection of jewelry in town. A stroll towards the gallery gets you in touch with more than 70 artists from all over the country. The gallery is where you find original works of art by national and local artists. They have a wide selection of potteries, stained glasses, jewelry, furniture, and metal works from their in-house resident artists. During the Christmas season, their shelves are filled with an extravaganza of Christmas decors from around the world. In addition, it is where you can find the most unusual gifts for any occasion to give to friends and loved ones with something that they would treasure for years to come.

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How to find local painting workshops close to you?

Finding local painting workshops is usually a big challenge for many people. In fact, prospective individuals spend lots of time and effort trying to identify a workshop that will suit their needs. Although there are many workshops that are held regularly, not all will be ideal for your needs. For instance, a person seeking to learn the art will find highly-experienced professionals a bit too detailed. An individual interested in oil painting on canvas may not benefit much from a workshop that showcases mosaic or collage. To avoid choosing the wrong forum or not getting the right knowledge and skills, it pays to research and compare different workshops. The following are some of the resources that will help you find local painting resources near you:

1. AnnieSloan.Com


Ann Sloan is among the respected and experienced prolific color and paint experts. Through her website, she passes her knowledge which she has gained over many decades. Sloan teaches and showcases different styles and techniques which include use of black or white chalk, painting on fabric using chalk paint, floral painting, culture-inspired artworks, color blocking using fabric and paint and much more. You will also find a range of accessories which consist of brushes, books, fabrics, stencils and more. If you are looking for the next workshop or one that will be held near you, all you need is visiting her website and doing a search. Fill in your location, the approximate distance and zip code and you will be provided with details of all workshops that are taking/ will be taking place within your locality. Attending the workshops helps you gain more confident and more professional, develop your very own personal style, become more fluent in choosing color and expressing yourself.

2. Painting with a Twist


Painting with a Twist is among the premier resources that showcase painting workshops near you. It is run by experienced and enthusiastic painters and artists who seek to pass knowledge to both inexperienced and seasoned professionals. The website contains several portals one of which is specifically targeted at upcoming events or workshops. Simply type in your search term “workshop” and you will be provided with details about any workshops near you. also allows you to invite other people to the events. The resource invites experienced local artists who teach experienced and enthusiastic artists during the gathering. They also host private parties that showcase a wide range of artistic works from local painters. And to add value and excitement to the event, Painting with a Twist also serves tea and snacks during the workshop. In addition to hosting and notifying you of any workshop within your locality, Painting with a twist also incorporates paintings in birthdays, bachelorette parties, team building events and currently boosts of more than 5000 paintings.

3. Groupon.Com


Finding painting workshops near you are as easy as visiting The resource displays different workshops that are taking place and also sells different painting accessories. After visiting the site, you will look through their latest offers and events and identify one that is closest to you. Alternatively, you simply type the term “Painting Workshops” and will be provided with more details. The workshops are categorized based on the location e.g. Chicago, New York, Washington or the art technique for instance mosaic, collage, oil on canvas, white or black chalk and more. Currently there are several workshops running in Chicago in locations such as Berwyn, Cicero, Darien, Forest Park, Oak Park and more. There is also a discount of up to 61% that is being offered on Mosaic Workshop in North Center, 57% off on painting class at Color Cocktail Factory, and 39% discount on Arts n Spirits workshop in Buck town.

There is more to finding the right workshop for painting. You need to identify the right forum that suits your needs at hand. For instance, are you interested in painting on canvas using oil paints, creating mosaic or collage artwork? It is also crucial to learn the art from an experienced tutor who has been in this field for many years. Besides showcasing the latest techniques and products, the right workshop will also display different accessories. The trainers will use simple methods such as step-by-step approach which can be understood by both seasoned and inexperienced individuals. At the end of the day you gain knowledge and also are offered quality products that will help improve your skills. Furthermore, the ideal local painting workshops assure you of maximum satisfaction.…

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10 ways artists can prepare for economic devastation

In recent times, a great number of artists are opting to be well prepared for the worst. Survivalism has literally taken America by storm. People are seeing it as the safest way of living. But developing a survivalist mindset takes some efforts and a different approach. Let’s take a look at the pivotal measures required to develop this particular mental state.

Evaluate the Specific Threats and Risks Associated With Your Area


It’s an easy task and the first step to prepare your mind for the predictable dangers. Nowadays, every state, city, and county has developed an emergency awareness website which lists the specific threats of your area. You must remember that you also need to prepare for the universal risks and threats, like an economic collapse or a terrorist attack, which might not be listed on that website. The ways to deal with such incidents are very thorough and can be found on different survivalism websites and via eBooks.

Learn To Safely Find Shelter At Home


It sounds hard to believe but in most of the emergency situations, you’d rather seek shelter inside your own home than go somewhere else. The direst need to evacuate your place is in cases of civil war, natural life-threatening catastrophe like a storm or earthquake, or any kind of massive destruction which can harm you physically. In all other cases, you need to learn how to safely shelter yourself at your home. This includes learning how to seal the open areas of your house to conserve heat, learning methods for basic cleanliness and sanitization in case of a sewer system collapse, and learning to prepare food without power.

Prepare Your Bug-Out Kit


A bug-out kit is an emergency back-pack that you’d grab when you need to evacuate immediately in times of danger. This kit must always be ready and it must contain a three to four day food supply, first aid supplies, and water, which is sufficient for you to survive for at least a week, and a military tactical flashlight.

Develop a Survival Pantry and Start Stocking Extra Food and Water


Designate a separate and safe area of your home as a survival pantry. This area can be your store room, a cabinet, a shelf, a closet, or any other area which suits your needs. Now start storing extra food and water for emergency conditions. You can keep building your pantry by buying some extra items each time you go grocery shopping. You can save your used soda bottles and store clean drinking water in them. Keep increasing the quantity of the saved items until you think you’ve saved enough food and water to survive for at least six months to a year. Also, don’t ever take out any of the saved pantry item for everyday use.

Learn Useful Survival Skills like Hunting, Gardening, Fire Making and Fishing


Although you might never need to use these skills, but in order to be completely self-sufficient, you must learn these beneficial survival techniques.

Learn Self-Defense Mechanisms and Secure Your House


This is one of the most important aspects of surviving safely in your home. Protecting your survival items and family requires optimum measures for home security.  It’s highly advisable to use good locks, an alarm system, outdoor lighting, and a watch dog to maintain an effective protective barrier around your home.

Always remember, desperate times call for desperate measures. When people are confronted with hunger and violence, they can resort to any means to survive. Even your own friends can become a potential threat to your safety in disastrous situations. Hence, be prepared with all the self-defense tools you can think of, like an led flashlight, licensed pistol, shotgun, baseball bat, and pepper spray. Constant vigilance is the key to survival.

Develop an Association with the Like-Minded People of Your Community


You can’t simply reach out for help to anyone in times of need. But if you’ve developed a strong support system beforehand, then you can expect them to watch your back in testing times. It’s important to get to know your community and gel with like-minded people who’re equally interested and serious about survivalism. Discuss strategies and make plans with them. Invite them to your place for meals and build a mutually-beneficial and trustworthy relationship.

You can also strategize wisely and divide the set of skills needed for survival. For instance, one of you can master the art of starting a fire while another one can learn how to catch and cook a fish without gas or electricity. This way, the gaps will be filled and there’ll always be someone in your group who knows the specific skill required to survive in danger.

Educate Yourself and Your Family


Enhance your knowledge about survivalism by reading different books, surfing websites, watching videos and documentaries, and practicing survival techniques with your family on a regular basis. Always remember, although the internet is fully equipped with survival information, you can’t depend upon your laptops and computers in disastrous situations. With no internet and power, these gadgets won’t be of any use to you. So develop a print library which you can use for information in tough times.

Keep Practicing On a Daily Basis


You won’t be able to function properly in a spontaneous situation if you’re not habitual of doing that before. All the information and planning is practically useless if it’s left unrehearsed. The bookish knowledge hardly saves anyone in real-life situations. Hence, play out different dangerous and life-threatening scenarios. Unplug for two to three days and survive without power. Stop using the toilets for some days and learn to live without proper sanitization. Consume your pantry food and water for a few days and learn to live on stale food. Keep evaluating your performance and work on your shortcomings.

Conquer Your Fear


Debilitating fear is the biggest drawback in successfully acquiring a survival mindset. Fearing the unknown is a natural human tendency, but we need to accept it and get over it. Only then will you be able to prepare successfully for the unknown dangers.…

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Artists with asthma finding healthy alternative to expensive inhalers

Many artists around the world suffer from asthma, that’s no secret. Recently, inhaler sales have dropped and the reason for this might surprise you. According to August 2015’s Asthma Fact Sheet Report published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with statistics sourced by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), asthma is a serious health problem even today. (1) The report stated that:

  • Approximately 23 million individuals have asthma which includes six million children
  • It accounts for over 15 million hospital visits and 2 million emergency visits annually
  • Asthma is the 3rd ranking cause for children below 15 years of age being admitted in hospitals
  • The economic cost of asthma annually is more than US $56 billion

Scientists are actively conducting researches to find new, more effective and alternative medicine to treat asthma and lower its symptoms. And one such breakthrough treatment that has proven to have effective results on patients with asthma is the use of Forskolin.  Asthma basically, is an allergic disorder of the lungs in which inflammation and spasms of the bronchial passages restrict the air flow in the lungs, resulting in respiratory distress.

Before we share with you different researches that have been performed over the years on Forskolin and that show its positive effects on patients with asthma, let us first give you an overview of what Forskolin is and how does it work.

Forskolin – An Overview


Forskolin is an active constituent extracted from Coleus Forskohlii. According to this Forskolin review, it is a plant that can be best described as the perennial member of the Lamiaceae (mint) family. It grows in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The plant is proven to have medicinal benefits in its roots. Historically, Forskolin extracted from Coleus Forskohlii has been used by Hindus as an Ayurvedic medicine for treating conditions like eczema, insomnia, hypertension and convulsions. However, over the years, after several researches, scientists have realized and recognized the therapeutic benefits of Forskolin on asthma.

Mechanism of Action

Researches show that Forskolin, when injected in the body, increases cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) and its mediated functions by activating the adenylate cyclase enzymes. Unlike other established drugs for asthma already in the market that are designed to increase cAMP levels by inhibiting phosphodiesterase enzyme (responsible for breaking down cAMP), Forskolin directly increases cAMP levels in the body. It functions as an effective and smooth muscle relaxer that results in decreased air way resistance, bronchodilation, and forced expiratory volume along with increased vital capacity. All these are essential pulmonary functions that are negatively affected by asthma.

Scientific Evidence on the Therapeutic Benefits of Forskolin for Asthma


Let us now take a look at some of the studies that have convinced both scientists and doctors alike that Forskolin has therapeutic benefits and can treat asthma symptoms in patients:

According to a study published in 2003 conducted by Martin Hum DHD, Ph. D examining the causes of asthma and how dietary therapy can help, mentions Forskolin as one of the most effective herbal remedies for treating asthma. He stated based on numerous clinical trials that he had studied and observed. In this report, he states that a small double blind trial showed that when Forskolin powder was inhaled by patients with asthma, it helped lower lung spasms in comparison to placebo. (2)

In a report published in Volume 11 of Alternative Medicine Review 2006 highlighted the study by Bauer K. and Sertl K,that showed the benefits of Forskolin for treating asthma. The report stated that aerosolized dry powder of Forskolin helped provide relax the bronchial muscles and also alleviated asthma symptoms. It further supported this fact illustrating the results of a randomized double blind and placebo controlled trial that was conducted for Forskolin and Fenoterol.

The study was conducted on 16 patients with asthma who were given 10 mg dose of Forskolin in dry powder form, 0.4 mg of Fenoterol (asthma medication) and placebo. The results showed that Forskolin and Fenoterol administration resulted in positive and significant bronchodilation results. However, only Fenoterol administration in patients resulted in side-effects like tremor in their fingers and reduction in the levels of plasma potassium. What was interesting in this research study was that these side-effects were not seen in Forskolin administration.

Another study that showed positive and therapeutic benefits of Forskolin for asthma is by Lichey I, and Friedrich T, titled “Effect of Forskolin on Methacholine induced bronchoconstriction in extrinsic asthmatics. The study was conducted in 1984. It included 12 asthmatic subjects who were nebulized with Forskolin. Six patients experienced increase in forced expiratory-volume, 2 patients reported instant bronchoconstriction relief while 4 patients experienced relief after ten to fifteen minutes. No adverse side-effects like tremors and palpitations were experienced by patients during Forskolin administration. Additionally, their heart rates and blood pressure levels remain stable during the study.

Supporting the result findings of the above mentioned study, another research that was conducted in 2006 and published by the title “Forskolin versus sodium cromoglycate for prevention of asthma attacks: a single-blinded clinical trial” indicated that the use of Forskolin can lower the risk of asthma attacks in patients and is more effective than prophylactic use of traditional medicines.

The clinical trial was conducted on 40 subjects that included both adults and children with either moderate or mild asthma. They were randomly assigned to 6 months treatment of 10 mg per day Forskolin capsules or with 2 sodium cromoglycate inhalations after every 8 hours and 3 times a day.  The results of the study showed that only 8/10 patients in Forskolin administered group experienced asthma attacks during the period of the treatment while 17/20 (85 percent) reported to have asthma attacks who received sodium cromoglycate treatment. (3)

What Can We Conclude?

Based on the research studies and their findings, we can conclude that Forskolin is indeed an effective treatment for lowering asthma symptoms in patients. The use of Forskolin can help asthma patients get relief from respiratory distress. Though there are no studies so far that show that it can help patients overcome asthma for good, but nonetheless, it has proven to be an effective treatment to lower asthma attacks and decrease airway resistance.


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